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I am currently a student studying computer science at Brown University. I enjoy problem solving and was very into competitive math during my middle and high school years before switching over to CS at Brown. While I can work on both server and client side applications and also design effective UIs, I tend to enjoy working on the backend scripts more simply due to my math background. In fact, my focus is to become a data scientist and many of my project roles reflect my interest in processing and gleaning useful information from complex data. Besides programming, I also enjoy running, climbing, mixed martial arts, sketching, and gaming.

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About This Site

No frameworks were used in the making of this responsive webpage. While frameworks provide a quick way to make an aesthetically pleasing and responsive page, I felt it was essential to learn and develop these concepts on my own as there are many times when frameworks cannot be used, especially when building a novel application where the presentation of information is important and unique (such as MAHI, a natural language processing application). The source for this page can be viewed on my GitHub here. All cover photos on this website are pictures of things around my home.

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